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The main protagonist. 10 years ago he received the ability to perceive the aura of people's dreams, which allows him to predict what kind of dreams they are going to have. Though his normal predictions are hazy at best, he can clearly identify when someone is destined to have a nightmare. He is a lazy, yet strong-willed and determined person with a heart of gold, who is always ready to help others. He is also a member of a writing club at his high school, and is a big fan of the superhero called Guricho. Information about his family is unknown, but it has been said that his parents are away due to work and is currently under the care of Isana's family until they get back. He meets Merry when she falls on top of him as he comes back from his errands, and together, they enter a daydream – basically, a dream that occurs in full daylight. He has firmly decided to help Merry to come back in the Dreamworld, and eventually becomes her partner, using his ability to scout out nightmares so Merry can hunt them. He had a scar on his right hand just like Merry but now it is totally gone without a trace. With the assistance of the dream demon John Doe, Yumeji learns how, like in a lucid dream, he can manifest weapons during daydreams which he calls Lucid Gadgets, based on the abilities of dream demons he has met. This ability appear to stem from his right hand, which is shown to hurt a little after entering a daydream. It is questioned by John over whether Yumeji is really human, as he can enter daydreams without his help and his mental injuries heal quickly. Also, during Legion's daydream, Yumeji didn't have one of his shadows, and after it was over he was the only one to be able to remember it clearly, beside Merry. It is also interesting to note that he had a scar in the same place as one Merry has on her arm, although this is not alluded to in the anime.