Wako Pic1

A member of the Midnight Flight drama club. She is one of the "Shrine Maidens" whose powers prevent Cybodies from being activated outside of Zero Time. Not only does she serve this purpose, but her powers and existence creates a seal, the South Maiden Seal, that guards the secrets of the island. As long as the seal is intact, she, a maiden, is forbidden from leaving the island. If the seal breaks, the Cybodies would be able to leave the island as well. Her grandmother was meant to tell her about being a Maiden when she entered middle school, but she Apprivoised on her own when she was in elementary school, granting her access of all memories stored in the Cybody she was in. She once aspired to become a singer; as a child she wanted to go to Tokyo to seek that dream, but her status as a Maiden barred her from doing so. She has been engaged to Sugata due to his family tradition since childhood. In episode 21, she asks to play opposite of Takuto in Night Flight's latest play, becoming a part of the infamous kiss scene. She has a small yellow fox-like pet named Vice (副部長 Fukubuchou?, lit. Vice President) who seems to have an important "connection" to the drama club. The mark on her chest is the ancient letter Waw, which is where her Maiden Cybody's name probably derives from. At the end of the anime, she admit that she is deeply in love with both Takuto and Sugata and is jealous of Keito and Ruri for being loyal to the one person they love. When Sugata attempts to sacrifice himself to seal Samekh, Wako allows Takuto to break her seal releasing the Cybodies from Zero Time which allows Takuto to chase after and destroy Samekh ultimately saving Sugata.