Taupy Toplan (トッピー・トプランToppī Topuran?, romanized as Toppy Toplan in the anime adaptation) is a Feral bounty hunter resembling a teddy bear. He ends most of his sentences with "kuma" (クマ), which means "bear" in Japanese. He acts as a mentor to Kyrie, whose unique personality intrigues him enough to join the World Destruction Committee. His beloved Muffy is a much larger bear that he calls in for his special attack, but he keeps a terrible secret from her. In the anime, he is the most adapt at fighting. His goal is to become a hero in his own mind even if the rest of the world doesn't know it. He has no problems with humans. Voiced by: Tōru Furuya (Japanese), Robert McCollum (English), Erik Braa (English game).