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Takuto Tsunashi, is th
Takuto Pic1
protagonist hero and main character of the series Star Driver and member of the Night Flight drama club. Piloting the Cybody Taubarn, one of the mecha formerly hidden in the island's ancient ruin, he is a Star Driver opposing the Holy Order of Glittering Stars to protect Wako, the South Shrine Maiden, from them. According to the Order, Takuto is the legendary "Galactic Pretty Boy" and the greatest threat to their plans. He also has two of the legendary Twelve Star Swords: Emeraude and Saphir, and his training in dual-wielding swordmanship allows him to fight skillfuly with one in each hand. With his bright and positive personality, the 15-year old easily becomes a humorous favorite to all, often having many females fall in love with him, but Takuto says that before he received the scar on his chest, where he shortly after received his "Tau" mark, he was much more "closed." Coincidentally, he shares his birthday with Sugata. He also shows hints of a darker side to his personality, and seems to have had a dark past as well. He had a friend named Natsuo who was interested in flight but died from an unrevealed illness. He was abandoned by his father whom he believes to currently reside on the island. His father is later revealed to be Reiji Miyabi whose increasing interest in cybodies eventually pushed a woman he was having an affair with, Sora, to leave the island who, at the time, was pregnant with Takuto. He was partially raised by his grandfather, who seemed to know much of the island's secrets and apparently bestowed Takuto with the Tau mark. He has also been shown to have extremely high athletic ability and senses, as well as showing hints of high intelligence. It has been implied that he is aware of the fact that some of his classmates and peers are members of Glittering Crux and easily recognized that Reiji is actually his father, despite he had not aged since he became a driver. Takuto is fiercely loyal to his friends, especially Wako and Sugata, and would go out of his way to help them. When Sugata attempts to seal Samekh by sacrificing his life, Takuto breaks Wako's seal and chases after Samekh, which is flying into space to absorb the libido from the whole world, and destroys it to save Sugata.