Suzuka Kogami (コガミ スズカ Kogami Suzuka), age 17, is one of the main characters of the shōjo-manga series Captive Hearts (とらわれの身の上 Toraware no Mi-no-Ue).


Suzuka was born into the Kogami family, whom have an interesting relationship with the Kuroishi family; the Kuroishi's are cursed by the Kogami family guardian to serve the Kogami's for 100 generations.

Suzuka's family went to China when she was three years old, and they were eventually killed by an unusual disease. Suzuka was the only surivior, and she was taken into child slavery. She escaped with her friend Arj.

Eventually, Suzuka was found and adopted by a Chinese restaraunt owner.

Later, Suzuka was found, and returned to Japan to meet Megumi, and find out about the servant's curse.


Suzuka is a shy, quiet, kind girl, and wants the best for everyone. She even was going to go as far as to kill herself to rid Megumi of the servant's curse, which she hates.


Suzuka is a short, auburn haired girl, which is cut into an averagely short bob. Her eyes are pale, steely purplish gray.

She is short, with a small, slight body build.