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A member of the Midnight Flight club along with Wako and Takuto. According to the tradition of his family, he is engaged to Wako, one of the island's Shrine Maidens, who is also his childhood friend, but is aware of her growing interest in Takuto. He is calm, intelligent and for the most part emotionally reserved, but shown to be somewhat hasty at times when his friends are in danger. He is also the current Star Driver of the King Cybody, Samekh, a highly powerful but dangerous Cybody which all previous candidates to successfully Apprivoise have fallen into a permanent coma. However, after Apprivoising to save Wako from the Glittering Crux, he is able to awaken due to Takuto and Wako's efforts. He then is able to use his First Phase to assist Takuto in his battles. Coincidentally, he shares his birthday with Takuto. As the owner of the King Cybody, the Glittering Crux order vacated the leadership of the order's First Division "Emperor" to him in hopes that he would eventually claim it, and so he did after finding out that Keito is too, part of Glittering Crux but for the sole purpose of sealing Samekh at the expense of his life. He is saved by Takuto when Takuto broke Wako's seal to chase after and destroy Samekh.