Rei Oogami(大神 零, Oogami Rei?) is the male protagonist/anti-hero of Code:Breaker. His position and name in Code:Breaker is Code:06. He is a boy whose backgrounds is unknown, however as the manga continues, bits of his backgrounds are being revealed. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and an evil for an evil." -- Oogami's addition to the Code of Hammurbai.

Ogami's background is very little, but it is known that he had lived previously with his parents and older brother years before the current storyline, it was known that he was very close with his older brother; "The One Being Sought" especially, however Ogami having witnessed the killing of his mother had driven into shock and made him lose his memory of the events, especially his meeting Sakurakouji Sakura at that time. It was known that he had than been raised by "The One Being Sought" for some time and have given Ogami his trademark black glove. He was known to have split ways with his brother sometime after finding out that he was just being used by his brother for his own personal gain. Years later, Ogami had been found and brought into Eden as its new Code: 06. He immediately got on bad terms with Code: 04 Toki and has ever since developed an intense one sided rivalry with him. Ogami was also partnered together with Kanda when he was first brought in to Eden.

In Chapter 93, Oogami saw the President's real face, while the president was saving him and Sakura from the other Code:Breakers and Code:Names.

It was later revealed that as a child Ogami had the power of the seven flames of the seven deadly sins and had complete control over all seven. He was extremely kind as a child vowing to not kill anyone no mater how evil. It was also revealed that it was Sakura who killed him on the December 32 incident which is a top secret incident kept by Eden which the four founders have the keys to.

Ogami was revealed to be the Heir to an Imperial family and the Imperial Blood Of Purgatory. A family and blood line who are the only ones capable of control The Seven Flames Of The Deadly Sins.

After The Soul of the Code:Emperor left his arm, He regained his own special power and his true self, he began showing an improved and kinder personality afterwards.


Rei has short black hair with his bangs swept to the side of his face. He has black eyes that are normally half closed, when they are fully open it means he is hiding behind his mask. He wears the winter uniform of the high school he and Sakura go to all the time, which consists of a white T-shirt, a black long sleeved jacket, and black slacks. In addition he wears a ring on his left thumb to control his powers, and a glove over the same hand to further restrict himself. When he first appeared he wore a black long coat instead of his jacket.

When using Belphegor he gains a black long coat seemingly made of fire over his outfit that closely resembles the one he originally wore.

In his original lost form he went through no physical changes, however in his second he turns invisible, and must cover himself to be seen.



Ogami as Code:06

Oogami has shown many different sides to himself. One is where at school he acts like an ordinary high school student; polite, kind and somewhat shy. However, when he does his work for Eden he completely transforms into a ruthless killer, who only kills what he deems "evil". Despite that he claims to not care about people, he has shown signs that he does care for people and he shows this through unusual means, but nonetheless he truly does care for others well-being. He also shows interest in Sakurakouji Sakura as he is unable to burn her, which intrigues him greatly. Throughout the course of the story, he has slowly changed and become much closer with others, thanks to Sakura, and is even willing to protect her from his brother when he was attacking Yuuki's mansion, at the risk of his own life. In Chapter 92, Sakura's ideals about human life finally seem to get to Rei, when he spares Haruto, and instead places a fire in the assassin's chest that will kill him if he does wrong again. After the split within the Shibuya housemates, Rei is shown to be much more compassionate, if only towards a Sakura heartbroken over the destruction of the Shibuya mansion.

As mentioned before, Oogami is actually a kind person, it was also mentioned by Yuuki. In chapter 102, He went to so much trouble to save the cats, including Yuuki( in his lost form), from an explosion during one of Oogami's mission, even though he gave cold shoulders to Yuuki as he complements Oogami of being kind. It was the first time he met Yuuki too.

Oogami can also be quite clueless, especially about love, since he seemed oblivious to Sakura's feelings towards him and found her blush very intriguing. He thought it was a rare kind unique characteristic, finding all these all very new to him.

He has hugged Sakura on a few occasions and comforting her especially when she remembered that she killed him.

He has begun to change his views and opinions about killing as shown in chapter 127. He stated death brings nothing but regret and pity.

He was angry and sad when the soul of the Code: Emperor left his arm. When he saw him again he even hugged him.

After he regained his own special power it seemed as if he regained his true self and began displaying an improved persona. He seemed much more kind and seemed very happy as he battled Toki, as if he was enjoying himself. He even smiled.