Morte Asherah (モルテ・アーシェラMorute Āshera?, romanized as Morte Urshela in the anime adaptation) is the female protagonist with a troubled past, who wields an enormous blade as her weapon. She is a member of the World Destruction Committee/World Annihilation Front. Morte is the Italian and Portuguese word for 'death'. In the anime, she holds the destruct code that will destroy the world and is the initial member of the World Destruction Committee even though she doesn't like the name, she finds it useful. She makes a big deal about being only 16 years old and gets angry at those that believe she is older than she is. She is gruff and hard to deal with by others and at multiple times tries to persuade Kyrie and Taupy to leave her. She does not care about ferals or humans, she just wants to end the world. Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese), Luci Christian (English), Deborah Eliazer (English game).