Megumi Kuroishi (クロイシ メグミ Kuroishi Megumi), age 20, is one of the main characters of the shōjo-manga series Captive Hearts (とらわれの身の上 Toraware no Mi-no-Ue).


Megumi was born into the Kuroishi family, whom was cursed to serve the Kogami family with their mind, body and soul.

Because the entire Kogami family disapeared, Megumi wasn't exposed to the "servant's curse", and he lived a comfortable life in the Kogami manor with his father, Yoshim Kuroishi.

When Suzuka, the last remaining Kogami, was discovered, Megumi was exposed for the first time to the servant's curse. Because of his lack of resistance for it, he was greatly affected by it, declaring his love for his 'princess', Suzuka.


In the begining, Megumi was a laid-back, greedy young man, caring about money and even wanting Suzuka to die so he could keep his comfortable lifestyle.

Whilst under the servant's curse, he becomes doting, devoted, adoring, and overprotective servant to Suzuka, and cannot deny an order given to him by her or any other Kogami.


Megumi is a tall, lean brown haired young man, with longish, scruffy hair. His eyes are a pale, purplish-brown shade.

He is lean, thin, and tall, being considerable taller than Suzuka and his father.