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Kimimaro's Asset, who takes the appearance of a girl with horns and has the ability to conjure up fire based attacks. She is a strange Asset in the sense that she does things that are unusual for an Asset, such as behaving like how a normal human does, and even asking Kimimaro to give her some of his instant ramen even though Assets do not know the definition of "eat", out of curiosity. Rather than a mere Asset/object, Kimimaro views her as a partner and as such, even went to the extent of trying to shield her with his own body when he first fought. She is curious about Q, as seen from her reaction when they met for the first time. Kimimaro named her after the unique 4-letter code that appears on the bottom right corner of every Midas Card. Her Flation abilities are "Scorched Earth", a widespread flame attack which is high in attack power when used as a Mezzoflation, and "Overheated Economy", her Macroflation. Kimimaro says she might be modeled after his future daughter.