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Madara uchiha

Madara Uchiha (うちは マダラUchiha Madara?) is a legendary ninja in the history of the Naruto world, and one of the founders of Konohagakure. He is a descendant of the elder son of the world's first ninja, the Sage of the Six Paths, and hence, much like his clan-members. Long ago, Madara became the first Uchiha, along with his brother, Izuna, to ascend their Sharingan to a higher level, called the Mangekyo Sharingan, gaining unprecedented new power, enough for the brothers to take over the clan. Madara became the leader, and led the Uchiha on a rampage across the world, defeating many ninja clans. However, the overuse of the Mangekyo Sharingan rendered him blind, and ultimately, he took Izuna's eyes in order to regain his sight, and a flawless Mangekyo.vol. 42, ch. 385 The Uchiha were matched by only one clan, the Senju, and Madara eventually banded together with their leader, Hashirama, to create Konohagakure. But the two founders' argument over who becomes leader of the new village erupted into a momentous battle between the two, where Madara controlled the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Hashirama defeated Madara,vol. 43, ch. 399 who faked his death to take Hashirama's DNA and copy his unique powers. Decades later, Madara resurfaced, unsealing the Nine-Tailed Fox from within its previous jinchuriki, Kushina Uzumaki, as she gave birth to Naruto, using the Tailed Beast to attack Konoha to exact revenge. This plan failed when the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, sacrificed himself to seal the fox into his newborn son's body. Several years later, Madara again returned to Konoha in discreet, and assisted Itachi Uchiha in assassinating the Uchiha clan, in return for not attacking Konoha at Itachi's plea.

In the present timeline, much of Madara's role in the series is been under the guise of Tobi (トビ?), who replaces Sasori in the Akatsuki after the latter's death as Deidara's partner. While acting as Tobi, altering his voice beyond recognition, he acts carefree and goofy in opposite to his usual serious self.vol. 35, ch. 317 After Deidara dies in a bid to kill Sasuke with him, Tobi unveils himself to actually be Madara, directing Pain to capture Naruto, while taking a special interest in Sasuke's development up to Itachi's death.vol. 40, ch. 363 Taking Sasuke under his wing, Madara discloses the truth behind Itachi's secret life to him to have him on his side in destroying Konoha. After Pain's failure in capturing Naruto and subsequent betrayal, Madara informally interrupts a summit of the five Kage, detailing his Eye of the Moon Plan (月の眼計画Tsuki no Me Keikaku?): he intends to recreate the Ten-Tailed Beast to become its jinchuriki and cast an eternal illusion through the moon, called the "Infinite" Tsukuyomi (無限月読Mugen Tsukuyomi?), bringing all life-forms under his command. After the Kage refuse to surrender to him, Madara declares the Fourth Shinobi World War. Madara is blackmailed by Kabuto Yakushi to form a reluctant alliance with him. To prepare for the war, Madara travels to Amegakure to confront Konan and, kills her before taking Nagato's body to retrieve his Rinnegan, using one to replace his lost Sharingan.</p>

Though Madara's face, as it appeared during Konoha's founding, has been shown in full at various points in the series, he always wears an orange mask in the current Narutostoryline. Kishimoto found Madara to be his favorite Akatsuki character at the time to draw, noting his mask to be easy to make. When asked by Sasuke how Madara could have survived since Konoha's founding generations ago, Itachi states that Madara is "immortal".vol. 42, ch. 385 In battle, he has been shown capable of making his body intangible for up to five minutes at a time. He can also teleport over great distances at will, and can use his right Sharingan to warp any person he makes contact with into a pocket dimension inside him.He also is capable of Izanagi (イザナギIzanagi?): a unique genjutsu that the user casts upon himself, shattering boundaries between an illusion and reality within his subspace, thus converting imagination into reality. In the Japanese anime, Madara's seiyu is Naoya Uchida and the seiyu for the Tobi persona is Wataru Takagi.