A 19 year old second year university student who studies economics. He seeks to just have enough money to have a normal life with a home, wife, and children, until he is roped into the Financial District and becomes one of its Entrés (short for Entrepreneurs). He is then scouted by Souichirou to join the Starling Guild, as his disinterest in money interests him, and that Souichirou sees his younger self in Kimimaro. He is trying to make sense of the circumstances behind his father's bankruptcy in the Financial District and subsequent suicide, and also trying to win but not hurt others as much as possible. It is unknown as to why Souichirou wants to groom him. Several people have noted that Mashu being a very powerful Asset, is a blessing for Kimimaro as she is the reason why he is still able to survive in the game. In episode 10, Yoga gains Jennifer's asset, George. and a black card that is able to either begin or stop the process of printing excess Midas money. The other black card belongs to Mikuni, setting up the final duel of the series on an even playing field in which neither character is truly right or wrong.