Kagome using her bow in the Anime Series

Kagome Higurashi (日暮 かごめHigurashi Kagome), aged fifteen, is the female protagonist and narrator of the series Inuyasha. A middle-school student born in modern Japan, she is the reincarnation of the deceased (and reawakened) priestess Kikyo. Kagome has the sacred Shikon Jewel unknowingly hidden inside her body until her 15th birthday, when a demon pulls her into the Bone Eater's Well at her family's shrine and takes her five hundred years back through time. Kagome can still go back to modern Japan by using the well, but usually chooses to go to this era. They emerge in the Feudal Era about fifty years after Kikyo's death, where the demon tears the jewel from Kagome's body. She releases InuYasha from his seal, and he defeats the demon, but the jewel's power proves to be a strong lure for evil. When another demon seizes the Sacred Jewel, Kagome attempts to stop it with a longbow and arrow, but in doing so accidentally shatters the jewel into numerous fragments that disperse throughout Japan. She agrees to help find them, as she can sense the presence of nearby shards, and InuYasha comes along as protector and companion. (And, ostensibly, so he can steal the jewel from her when it's complete, though he makes no secret of this). As the series progresses, she begins to fall in love with InuYasha, and finds herself competing with the revived Kikyo for his affections. During the search for the Shikon Jewel, Kagome's own innate spiritual powers and abilities and archery skills continue to improve, and she unlocks her true powers and full potential after Sesshomaru kills Magatsuhi, the evil spirit within the Shikon Jewel that was sealing her powers. At the end of the series, InuYasha and Kagome are separated for three years. After reuniting, she starts living alongside InuYasha in the Sengoku period, while learning to be a miko under Kaede's guidance.