'Haru Glory' (ハル・グローリー Haru Gurōrī) is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Rave created by Hiro Mashima. He is sixteen years old and lives on a island called Garage Island with his sister Cattleya Glory, A strange sunflower like ceature called Nakalima who is stuck to their house the rest of the other islanders. He is kind and very protective of his friends and family. One day while fishing he chaught a strange dog/bug called Pule but Haru named it Shabutaro. Afterwards an old man Named Shiba who as followed by a strnage man. Shiba reveiled Pule's real name and who he lost pule 50 years ago in the war angainst the evil force of the dark bring and teaches him about the Msytrious Rave stones. After return Pule the strange man attacks Haru's house looking for Shiba and the Rave Stone. Haru defeats him and is given the Rave Stone and Shiba's sword the Ten Comandments which is able to change into ten different forms, after being declared the secound Rave Master (the first being Shiba). He found that the man who attacked his house was a member of the group called Demon Card (Shadow Guard in the Engilsh dub) who use the dark brings powers to take over the world. The Demaon Card went to attack the rest of the isleand. Haru vowed to take revenge on Demon Card and set off on his quest to find the rest of the Rave stones and bring down Demon Card meeting new friends and new threats.

Haru has silver hair and geryish purple eyes. He is aways seen wearing a necklace given to him by his father when he was a litle child. He also wears a bracelet and has to earrings on his right ear. Mostly dresses in a white tee-shirt and a short sleeved jackect and on his trousers there is a ball and chain attached to it.