Elie (エリーEri) is the main female protagonist in the Rave Master series and a good friend of Haru Glory. She is sixteen years old at the start of the series and is very kind and carefree and has lost her memory of her entire past. How she met Haru varies in the manga and anime. She meets Haru in the manga when he is on the run from Demon Card in Hip Hop Town’s dog racing track when he was trying to take back Plue form the Demon Card. Haru hides under a desk which Elie was sitting at but would have been easily spotted if she hides him between her legs. In the anime Elie is at a casino and is doing brilliantly until Haru enters and ruins her lucky streak by knocking the table she then gets mad and destroys the casino with her special tonfas that are able to shoot out destructive bullets. Afterwards Haru finds that Elie has put all of the money she had on Plue to win the race so she could pay the Demon Card guards to leave the city. Due to the other dogs having an unfair advantage (weapons and some being robots), Haru wanted to stop the race and save Plue but Elie threatened to call the Demon Card guards because of the amount of money she had on the race. Suddenly an explosion took out one of the dogs in the race and a spear trap taking out some more. Elie watched in horror as the dogs were brutally damaged but enraged Haru went to stop the race telling Elie that what is happening is wrong. After the a fight the leader of the Demon Card forces stationed in Hip Hop City and Elie shooting down the whole dog racing track they she leaves with Haru on his quest to bring down Demon Card and to regain her memories. Elie has fine, brown, shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a skirt with a belt around it that says “Love Believer” and a tank top with a cross on the centre of it. She always wears a necklace. She also has the numbers 3173 on one of her arms.