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Monster Hunter Orage art of manga.

Monster Hunter Orage (モンスターハンター オラージュMonsutā Hantā Orāju?) is a shōnen manga written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. Loosely based on the Monster Hunter series of video games by Capcom, Monster Hunter Orage premiered in Kodansha's Shōnen Rival in April 2008.


The story takes place in a fictional world full of monsters and adventurers called Monster Hunters, who, as their name implies, hunt the monsters. The plot revolves around a young Monster Hunter, Shiki, who was taken in as an apprentice to a Monster Hunter named Greylee as a child. A few years after Greylee's death, which was due to a gunpowder incident, he returns to his master's residence, Akamaaya Town, to join the guild there. In that guild, he meets a girl called Ailee and after a series of events, he finds that she is the daughter of his master. From this point onwards, they form a party to find the legendary Miogaruna, which was Greylee's life-long ambition.

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