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Hand x Red Volume 2 Cover

Hand x Red Volume 2 cover.

Hand x Red (ハンド×レッド?) is a shōnen fantasy manga written by Kurata Hideyuki and drawn by Itsuki Hoshi. It has been serialized by Ichijinsha in the monthly shōnen manga magazine Comic Rex since 2007, and collected in 3 bound volumes as of 2009. The story is about Jim, a young boy bound by a curse which seals him in the darkness of purgatory for 100 years. When training to become a magician, Jim gave half of his heart to his best friend Luca. But Luca put a curse upon him. After Luca's betrayal, Jim was sent to purgatory with half his heart. Every 100 years Jim is allowed to return to the real world, and he is only allowed 10 days to search for Luca, whom he must defeat to break the curse.


The story starts with a boy called Virgil who is training to be a swordsman in order to follow his dream of protecting the Princess of his country. He then goes off to the top of a mountain to train, after being encouraged by Grandpa Logo. Whilst training he comes across a cave and a strange wind blowing out of it. Having gone through the cave he finds a boy, who he thinks is a monster. Gathering courage he then charges at the boy, but falls through the ice beneath him. The boy saves him and starts to eat Virgil's food. From then on they are friends and Virgil helps Jim (the boy) with finding Luca and his heart.

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