One of main characters of Sacred Seven. He was born with the power of Sacred Seven from his mother's exposure. A few years ago before the series, he lost control of his powers and harmed a lot of people. Hence, the reason he lives in solitude. Alma can only control his true powers if Ruri inserts a special Lightstone in him. He has access to all seven powers (hence the meaning Sacred Seven) it has also been stated that he has the highest level of Sacred Seven that even surpasses Kijima. Alma used to have a crystal that belonged to his mother that was supposed to suppress his powers, but it was thrown into the river by a bully which caused the incident. He has been looking for it ever since, hence developed a habit of looking for rocks. He became a member of the Geology Club at the same time Kagami and Ruri did. In episode 11, it was revealed that Kenmi caused the incident to test Alma's powers. Also the revelation that he met Ruri when he was little and realizes how important she is to him.