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Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカーAren Wōkā?) is a soft-spoken and warm-hearted 15-year-old Exorcist of British origin and the main protagonist of the series. Allen was abandoned by his biological parents and at the age of seven, he was adopted by Mana Walker. After Mana died, The Millennium Earl played with Allen's pain and got him to turn Mana into an akuma, who hopes Mana to be fully resurrected. Instead, Mana cursed Allen, slicing his left eye which gave him the ability to detect disguised akuma. It was at this same moment that Allen's left arm first awoke as an anti-Akuma weapon and instinctively destroyed the Akuma. He was later found by Cross Marian and trained as his disciple for five years, before he was sent to the Black Order headquarters to become an official Exorcist. His parasite-type anti-akuma weapon is the Crown Clown(クラウン・クラウンKuraun Kuraun?), which takes the form of a disk of energy and a giant claw. Later on, it is able to change the disk to a fur shawl and additionally produce a large sword from Allen's left arm, resembling the sword the Earl uses. It has been revealed by General Cross that Allen is the successor to the 14th Noah, and that he will eventually be taken over by the 14th Noah. Despite this discovery, Allen remains devoted to fighting with the consciousness of the 14th, and save as many Akuma as he can. He is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi in Japanese and Todd Haberkorn in English.

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