The female protagonist of the story and daughter of Greylee (Shiki's master). She forms a party with Shiki to find the legendary Miogaruna. She believes that she doesn't need any friends because of what happened to her and a group of her "friends", who were illegally hunting monsters. As a result, she had confessed to the authorities and had suffered punishment as well, since they were all comrades. Part of her punishment was a lifetime ban from taking the Forbidden Hunter exam. In chapter 6, a man named Gordon, from the Guild's poaching counter-measure department, tests Ailee by asking Shiki and Sakya to help him with illegal selling. Ailee slapped him and shouted "Don't involve my partners into a crime!". He later reports to the guild, and says that he has no objection with Ailee traveling with those forbidden hunters. She wields the long sword Iron Katana Gospel then Sakya improved it to The "Eager Cleaver" then later on to "The Devil Slicer" and her armor is said to be made from materials from Derumaiosu. It is apparent that she is jealous of Sakya's larger bust size.