Agan Mardrus (アガン・マードルAgan Mādoru?, romanized as Agan Madoru in the anime adaptation) is a childhood friend of Morte who wields a whip in battle. He's a member of the Sand Tribe, being the chief's son. He used to be second in command of the Golden Lions, a human resistance group fighting the ferals, but it took after a member's betrayal he abandoned the group. It was revealed in his backstory that he was motivated to join the Golden Lions because a Feral friend from his childhood treated him cruelly when they met as adults. Agan's mother is the Chief of the Sand Tribe, and he is next in line for the role of leader. His special attack has him call in ten members of the Mole Tribe to shoot his enemy, indicating that he already has the respect and obedience of some members of the Sand Tribe. In the anime, he's a smuggler with no prior connection to Morte, and continues to run into the World Destruction Committee by chance. Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese), Eric Vale(English), Andre Ceglio (English game).